(1.a) By signing this form you declare you understand, accept and agree to be bound by our insurance policy. You will have received a document along with this contract which states your Australia Post tracking number and a quoted insurance claim value. This quotation was provided by Gold Buyers Mail and estimated via phone consultation with you prior to this package being sent.

(1.b) For an insurance claim to be made, you must retain the document entitled "Your Information Regarding Our Insured Gold Mailing Service" which contains your tracking number and insurance benefit amount in Australian Dollars, along with your proof of lodgement receipt issued by Australia Post at the time you lodged your package at the post office. You must use or add a signature on delivery service to all packages sent to us.

(1.c) Failure to supply these documents listed above upon request will render your insurance invalid and a claim will not be honoured.

(1.d) You understand the maximum insurance benefit which can be quoted is $1000 (Australian Dollars).

(1.e) Any items lost during transit will be subject to meet Australia Posts terms and conditions in regards to their investigation process, your package must be formally declared lost by Australia Post prior to any insurance claim being made.

(1.f) You understand that once we have received your package, Australia Post will issue proof of delivery to Gold Buyers Mail and your Registered Post Tracking Number will be able to verify the goods are in our possession. Your insurance is also covered during the time we are holding your Items for valuation purposes.

(1.g) If you elect to have your items returned to you, they will be returned by Gold Buyers Mail using the Registered Post service supplied by Australia Post, Gold Buyers Mail will obtain a new tracking number and also notify you of this number before we lodge your items for return. Gold Buyers Mail will also retain a proof of lodgement receipt and require signature on delivery. Your goods will be insured for loss during transit upon return to you. Once you receive the return of your goods via Australia Post, you will be required to sign to verify delivery. Upon signing this declaration your insurance contract with Gold Buyers Mail is terminated. If your items become formally lost in transit during the Australia Post delivery and Australia Post can not provide proof of a delivery signature being collected, an insurance claim for the originally stated value will be accepted.

(1.h) Should you request an insurance claim while knowingly received your returned goods and Australia Post is able to provide proof of delivery, this action is considered insurance fraud. insurance fraud is a criminal offense and severe penalties apply, as such Gold Buyers Mail holds the light to seek prosecution of any individual we believe to be knowingly engaged in an attempt of insurance fraud.


If you the customer decide to send items to us via a means of postage other than the Registered Post Mail Pack Gold Buyers Mail have provided you, your package will be subject to the relevant terms and conditions of the delivery service you choose. Insurance by Gold Buyers Mail will not be covered or paid for Gold mailed to us using a 3rd party method which is not pre-approved by Gold Buyers Mail. Please note that a signature on delivery service is required at all times when mailing your items to us.


By signing this form you are declaring yourself as the legal owner of the goods contained within the package, that these goods are (a) not stolen goods (b) not obtained illegally (c) you have the legal right to sell and receive payment for these items. Gold Buyers Mail reserves the right to seek assistance and/or prosecution via the police, courts of law, or other law enforcement agencies for Items believed to be obtained, offered for sale, or sold under illegal circumstances.


(4.a) All postage to Gold Buyers Mail must have signature on delivery. You understand and accept that once Gold Buyers Mail receive your goods you will be contacted via your nominated method of contact, should you accept our offer you will have entered into a contract of sale in which we will pay you the total amount agreed via your nominated method of payment. Please note that verbal agreements are legally binding and are treated under law via the same recognition as documented agreements.

(4.b) You understand and accept that you are not obliged to accept the offer made by Gold Buyers Mail, and should you choose not to accept the offered amount, your items containing precious metals will be returned to you free of charge.

(4.c) You understand and accept that Gold Buyers Mail will not pay for any diamonds or gems we receive, Gold Buyers Mail will pay solely for the total weight of your items gold content.

(4.d) You understand that Gold Buyers Mail will not remove any diamonds or stones from the Items you supply, as such any items containing a precious metal (Gold, Silver, Platinum) along with diamonds or stones will be quoted and purchased at the rate for the precious metal alone. Any diamonds or stones contained within these Items will be forfeited upon agreement of our accepted offer. Should you wish to retain any diamonds or stones attached to an item, please do not in dude them in your package to us.

(4.d) You understand and accept in the instance my items received by Gold Buyers Mail are found not to contain any amount of Gold, Silver, or Platinum, a request for return of these items will incur a charge of $20 (Australian Dollars) payable by yourself to Gold Buyers Mail, this amount will be received by Gold Buyers Mail before such Items will be returned. This charge is to cover our Postage and Handling expenses. Your initial insurance quote provided by Gold Buyers Mail will also become invalid and insurance cover for these items will become limited to the standard $100 insurance provided by Australia Post via their Registered Post service.

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