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In a hurry to sell? If you don’t want to wait for our mail pack to arrive, simply download our DIY Gold Mail Postage Instructions for information on how to mail your gold to us.

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Our Business Hours are 10:30am - 4:30pm Mon - Fri (Melbourne Time)

If you prefer to sell in person, we are part of the Australian Gold Capital Group with retail outlets in Victoria and Queensland.

For information on our retail store locations, please visit the Australian GoldCapital Website at


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We will provide you a tracking login once we send you our gold pack, upon return of your mail pack our office will update your order status and email you to confirmation of receipt notice.

Note that this tracking will only update you with basic information on when the order arrived at the store, when payment has been made or when items are returned.

For sensitive information such as quote amounts or details of the items contained in the order, our staff will contact you by phone to discuss.

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